At the moment, electricity distribution to primary residences and holiday homes is charged at the rate of NOK 0.4174/kWh. This is the price charged from septemer to april. In addition, there is a fixed monthly charge of NOK 287.50. The amount you pay in electricity distribution charges will therefore vary according to your consumption. The electricity distribution charge comes on top of the amount you must pay for the electricity you actually use.

You must also purchase electricity from a power supplier. This is in addition to the grid rent. Imagine that electricity is a commodity you buy. You pay for both the item and the transportation to your home. The grid rent can be compared to the shipping cost. 

The charge is intended to cover the costs Lede has in connection with the building and maintenance of the electricity distribution network. You pay your electricity supplier for the electricity you use.

The electricity distribution charge is divided into several parts:

Fixed charge

This is a fixed amount everyone must pay to be connected to the electricity distribution network, no matter how much electricity they use.

Energy-related component

You pay a price per kWh of electricity you use. Someone who uses a lot of electricity uses the distribution network more, and therefore pays a larger share of the cost of its upkeep. If you only use a little electricity, you pay a smaller amount. The price per kWh is slightly lower in the summer than in the winter.

Taxes and public charges

Several public charges are collected via the electricity distribution charge, and are included in the energy-related component. Public charges account for around half of your overall electricity distribution charge.

  • Contribution to the Norwegian Energy Fund: This charge goes to a government fund, whose purpose is to promote a transition to more environment-friendly energy production and consumption. The fund’s assets are managed by the organisation Enova. Read more about Enova.
  • Government-imposed electricity consumption charge: A public charge that is collected on behalf of the Norwegian Tax Administration.
  • Value Added Tax (VAT): VAT on the electricity distribution charge is levied at the rate of 25%.