Electricity distribution charge, electricity supply and mandatory power

You pay Lede an electricity distribution charge for your installation’s connection to the power distribution network and for having electricity “transported” to your home. In addition to the distribution charge, you buy the electricity you actually use from the electricity supplier of your choice. You can compare the various suppliers’ prices at strompris.no. If you do not have a subscription with an electricity supplier, Lede will deliver what is called mandatory power. Mandatory power is a temporary arrangement and costs more than the electricity supplied under a normal subscription contract.

Several electricity suppliers collect the electricity distribution charge on behalf of Lede, which means you will receive an all-in-one bill that includes both the electricity you use and our distribution charge.

Click here for a list of electricity suppliers that offer this service.

The electricity distribution charge is made up of several elements

  • Capacity part
  • Price per kWh
  • Taxes and public charges

Read more about the electricity distribution charge here.

The amount billed will vary

The size of the electricity distribution charge that you will have to pay depends on the amount of electricity you use. 

Payment from abroad

When you pay your bill from abroad, you will need to provide the following details:

  • Account no.: 8150 16 42150
  • IBAN: NO5181501642150

Please note

It is important that we have your correct postal address even though you receive your bills electronically. Check which contact info we have registered at "My page". If you have not opted for electronic billing, an invoice will be sent by post. Payment reminders are always sent by post.