If you need more time to pay a bill from your electricity supplier that includes both electricity consumption and our distribution charge, you must contact the electricity supplier direct and ask for an extension (defer payment). If you need more time to pay a bill that you have received from Skagerak Nett, you can submit your request for deferred payment via My Page.

To obtain the deferral of payment for a bill issued by Skagerak Nett:

  • you cannot have any other unpaid bills
  • the amount must be less than NOK 10,000
  • the meter reading must have been registered

When you defer payment, interest will accrue on the amount owing after the bill’s due date. The rate of interest is determined by the Ministry of Finance, and the amount of interest due is added to your next bill.

If you need to make special arrangements for the payment of an amount larger than NOK 10,000, please call us on 3551 8990 or email kundeservice@skagerakenergi.no.