Sometimes, we are obliged to disconnect the power in order to carry out necessary maintenance on the electricity distribution network. We work as fast as possible, and the power may be restored more quickly than planned. However, unforeseen situations occasionally arise, forcing us to keep the power off longer than anticipated.

Notification of planned power outages

Before any planned power outage, we send out text messages, emails or letters to all those affected. Such notices are normally issued seven days in advance of the power outage, and will specify the date and time when the power will be disconnected.

If you have not been notified, it is because we do not have your current contact details. It is the customer’s responsibility to update their contact details. You can do this by logging in to My Page.

The wrong person has been notified

We send notices about planned power outages to the person registered as the electricity distribution contract holder. If the notice should be sent to another person, this can be changed at My Page.

When will be power be restored?

The notice you receive about the planned power outage will contain details of its start and finish times.

You will also find this in the overview of power outages. Zoom in on your area and click on the planned outage. There you will find an estimated finish time.