Every electricity customer has two separate contracts: one with an electricity supplier and one with the operator of the electricity distribution network in the area where they live. Many companies sell electricity to consumers, and you are free to subscribe to the one of your choice.

How to choose an electricity supplier

Contact the electricity supplier that you wish to subscribe to. The electricity subscription must be in the same name as the contract with the electricity network operator. To make sure your subscription is for the right meter, enter the details of your meter ID when you set up the subscription contract. You will find the meter ID no. in the welcome letter you have received and on the reverse of your bill. Your electricity supplier will notify us once your subscription contract has been finalised.

You will find a list of all the electricity suppliers in Norway at www.strompris.no (Norwegian only).

All-in-one bills

Several electricity suppliers collect the electricity distribution charge on behalf of Lede, which means you will be billed for the electricity you use and the distribution charge at the same time. This is called All-in-one bills.

See which electricity suppliers offer this service here.

What is mandatory power?

Lede is not an electricity supplier, but has a duty to sell electricity to you until you have arranged a subscription with an electricity supplier. This is intended to be a temporary arrangement and is often called “mandatory power”.

What does mandatory power cost?

The price of mandatory power is higher than that available under a normal electricity subscription, particularly after the first six weeks. For this reason, it makes economic sense to choose an electricity supplier as quickly as possible.

For the first six weeks, you pay the wholesale price (Nordpool) + NOK 0.0625/kWh (incl. VAT). After six weeks, the price rises sharply to the wholesale price (Nordpool) + NOK 0.1875/kWh (incl. VAT). The wholesale price is an average price per month.