Your power supplier will help you when you move to a new adress. Remember to let notice as soon as possible to avoid paying for a property you no longer live in.

Can Lede help me when I move? 

In 2019 new regulations for ordering and terminating electricity grid rent. The changes came as a result of the introduction of Elhub. It is the power suppliers who will perform the tasks relateds to moving and changing electricity subscriptions, as well as answerring questions about invoices, consumption and prices. 

You will find an overview of power suppliers and agreements at 

Contact your power supplier:

  • To report relocation, order or cancel power subscriptions (icluding grid rent). The power supplier registers the changes and notifies the grid company. 
  • For explanations of your invoice (electricity/grid rent) and information about prices and invoiced consumption. 
  • To defer the payment
  • To report a new adress for the electricity invoice. 

Contact Lede: 

  • To report faults or hazardous conditions in the grid. 
  • To move power cordd/input cable or disconnect power.
  • To connect new buidings to the grid. 
  • To increase the capacity of the electrical system (switching from 1-phase to 3-phase) 

What is Elhub? 


Elhub is a central IT system that will support and streamline market processes such as electricity sales, moving in / moving out, termination and the like in the Norwegian power market. The grid companies have the task of submitting all hourly values ​​(power consumption) to Elhub by 07.00 for the previous day of use. By 09:00, the hourly values ​​will be available to you and your electricity supplier.

Elhub login

You can log in to Elhub to see your meter values and other information. 

Elhub login