In the power outage overview, you can check whether we have carried out a planned power-outage in your area, or have registered a fault. If we have registered a fault in your area, we are already working to localise the problem and repair it. By clicking on the fault in the power-outage overview, you will see when we expect power to be restored.

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The neighbourhood is without power

If one or more of your neighbours is also without power, there is either a fault in the distribution network or a planned power outage. If the power-outage overview does not list a planned outage or fault in your area:

  • Report the fault, by calling 35 51 89 91.

My property is the only one without power

If you have no power, the fault could lie in your own electrical installation or in the network right outside your property.

  • Check that the main fuse and the earth-leakage circuit-breakers are intact.
  • Check that the intake fuses are intact. These are normally located in the loft or basement, depending on whether you are supplied by an overhead cable or a landline.
  • If any of these devices have been tripped, it is likely that there is a fault in your domestic installation. In that case, you must contact an authorised electrician.
  • If your installation is perfectly ok, you can report a fault by calling 35 51 89 91. Please note that the customer will be billed for call-out costs if the fault should nevertheless prove to lie in the customer’s domestic installation.

Only parts of the house have power

If you find that the lights are glowing or that parts of the house are without power:

  • Check that the main fuse and intake fuses are intact.
  • If your installation is perfectly ok, you can report a fault by calling 35 51 89 91.

The earth-fault circuit-breaker has tripped

Try to reset the earth-fault circuit-breaker. If that does not work, there is a fault in your domestic installation. Lede does not carry out repairs on domestic installations. Try the following in order to identify the fault:

  • Take out/disconnect all the circuit fuses.
  • Check the main fuse.
  • Reset the earth-fault circuit-breaker.
  • Reset each circuit fuse separately.
  • The earth-fault circuit-breaker trips when the faulty circuit fuse is reset.
  • Disconnect the circuit that is causing the earth-fault circuit-breaker to fail, and reset the earth-fault circuit-breaker.
  • Further troubleshooting is now limited to one circuit. There may be a fault on a device connected to that circuit. Unplug all the devices on that circuit and reset the fuse. Plug in each device one after another. When the earth-fault circuit-breaker trips, you have found the faulty device. If necessary, you can contact an authorised electrician.

Reporting a fault

To keep its electricity distribution network up and running, Lede depends on its customers to report any faults.

It is important that we be notified if a tree has fallen across a power line or a power line has fallen to the ground, and in the event of sparks, smoke or loud bangs. Please report any faults or problems by calling 35 51 89 91.